When you lose all or even just a few teeth, everyday life can be more difficult. You cannot eat as well as you can with a full set of teeth or smile as confidentially. Dentures can be a great way to get your confident smile back and make it easier to eat. The following guide walks you through a few things you should expect when getting your first set of dentures.

You Will Have to Get Used to Wearing the Dentures

Even though dentures are custom made for you, they will take some time to get used to wearing because they are not something you are used to having in your mouth. After wearing the dentures a few times, you should start to notice that they feel more comfortable. If they do not start to feel comfortable, you need to take them back to the denturist to have them reshaped to better fit your mouth.

Your Dentures Will Need to be Secured

While the dentures are specially made for your mouth, you will still need to secure them in order for them to stay in your mouth when you eat or speak. There are many different gels and pastes available that can be used to secure the dentures. You may need to try a few different types of pastes or gels before finding the right one that works best for you.

Not All Foods Are Easy to Eat with Dentures

Foods with small seeds, such as strawberries are not easy to eat with dentures. The small seeds can get between your dentures and your gums, which can cause irritation. It is best to avoid these foods when wearing your dentures to decrease the chances of irritating your gums.

You Should Not Sleep with Dentures in Your Mouth

It is not a good idea to sleep with dentures in your mouth. You may clinch your mouth closed when you sleep, which could damage the dentures. It is best to store the dentures in a cup filled with denture cleaner so that they can clean overnight while you sleep. You will still need to brush your gums before and after wearing your dentures to ensure that any bacteria is removed from your mouth.

It is important to still see the dentist regularly after getting dentures. Oral cancer could develop at any time and your dentures may need to be adjusted eventually. Regular checkups ensure the dentures always fit you properly and that your mouth is as healthy as it can be. For more information, talk to a professional like Community Denture Centre.