You want to make sure you take great care of your dentures so they continue to take care of you. Your dentures may seem like they are very strong, and they are to a point. However, they do have their limitations, and you want to be extremely careful with them. The teeth of your dentures can become loose and even break off from the base. Also, any part of your dentures can become fractured, chipped or broken. If you do break them, you want to make sure you minimize the damage done so they might be able to be fixed easily.

How to avoid breaking your dentures

Your dentures are fine for everyday use as long as you don't put too much stress on them. While you can eat most foods you would normally eat with your natural teeth, there are other foods you shouldn't eat when you are wearing dentures.

Don't eat hard foods: Hard foods can put a lot of stress on your dentures and cause them to crack or even completely break. For this reason, you should avoid all hard candies, popcorn, nuts and even tough steak.

Don't eat sticky foods: Very sticky foods are also bad for your dentures. They can cause the tops and bottoms of the dentures to stick together, and this can lead to them moving around in your mouth. Anytime your dentures aren't seated properly it puts them at greater risk of breaking. It can also lead to a painful irritation of your gums and the possible development of sores.

Be careful when caring for your dentures: Anytime you take your dentures out, you run the risk of dropping them. Dentures can break extremely easily when they get dropped on any surface, especially a hard one. Make sure your hands are dry when you are holding your dentures. When you wash them in the sink, place a small towel in the bottom of the sink and add a few inches of water. This will offer some padding if you accidentally drop them.

What to do if you break your dentures

Don't use them if they are broken: Even if your dentures are only slightly broken or cracked, you don't want to wear them. The dentist may be able to easily fix them, but continuing to wear them will cause more stress and lead to more damage that's harder to repair.

If you decide to try a repair kit: If you are determined to wear your dentures until you can take them in to be repaired, you may be able to get by temporarily by using a denture repair kit. However, you do need to understand that this is only a temporary fix. A repair kit should only be used to patch very small problems.

By following this advice, you will decrease your chances of needing to have your dentures repaired. If something does happen to them, put a call in to the dentist immediately so they can get fixed right away.

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