When you do a little research about whether you can sleep in your dentures or not, you may find a lot of contradictory advice. Why is that? Well, that's because there are pros and cons to wearing your dentures as you sleep. You will find those pros and cons listed below:

What are the pros of sleeping with dentures?

Physical Discomfort – Wearing dentures keeps your jaw positioned much like it was with your natural teeth. When you take the dentures out, the range of motion that your jaw has is greater than it is with them in. This can cause you to feel physical discomfort when you take the dentures out to sleep at night.

Psychological Benefits – When you take your dentures out, you likely feel self-conscious and unhappy with your appearance. Sharing a bed with your spouse without your dentures in, can cause you to feel unattractive. If you have kids in the house and they have never seen you with your dentures out, it could be traumatic for them to come into your room in the morning and find you with no teeth as you greet them. 

Decreased Snoring – Snoring is sometimes caused by the muscles in your airway closing slightly as you sleep. Wearing your dentures while you sleep can help to keep those muscles from closing and decrease how much, or how loudly you snore.

Sleep Apnea Improvements – Much like wearing a denture at night helps decrease snoring, studies have shown that if you suffer from sleep apnea, wearing your dentures can help decrease the symptoms you experience each night.

What are the cons of wearing dentures while you sleep?

Risk of Pneumonia – Recent studies have shown that elderly denture wearers have an increased risk of falling ill with pneumonia if they sleep with their dentures in. In fact, the chances of pneumonia nearly doubled in patients wearing dentures while sleeping.

Fungal and Bacterial Growth – Keeping your dentures in at night limits the amount of oxygen and saliva that your gums are exposed to each day. When you limit these crucial elements, you increase the likelihood of fungal and bacterial growth on the dentures and your gums.

Gingivitis – The bacteria that your gums are exposed to while wearing your dentures can cause gingivitis. As mentioned earlier, not taking your dentures out at night can increase the amount of bacteria that forms on the dentures and in your mouth. This leads to increased risks of gingivitis.

Sour Breath – If you are not removing your dentures and cleaning them properly, they will cause you to have very bad breath.

It seems as if the benefits outweigh the risks of wearing your dentures at night. As long as you follow a regular care and cleaning routine, you decrease the rinks of many of the cons causing you a problem. If you find yourself still in need of help, contact a company like Market Mall Denture Clinic Calgary for more information.