Dentures generally take some time to get used to. Not only do you have to get comfortable with the way they look and feel, but you also have to get used to speaking with your dentures. For many new denture wearers, this can be a challenge. Speaking confidently with your dentures is not impossible. There are a number of practical tips that can help you adjust to speaking with your new teeth.

Slow it Down

While dentures function and look much like natural teeth, they aren't the same. This is particularly true when it comes to the way they fit. When you speak, the muscles in your cheeks, tongue and lips all work together and move to help you produce sounds. Natural teeth are a part of your gum line so you don't even notice how these muscles move against your teeth when speaking.

However, your dentures are not attached to your gums. Each time you speak these muscle movements slightly shift the dentures around, causing the clicking sound. The faster you speak the more your muscles move and the more pronounced the clicking sound. If you notice this issue when you speak, try to speak more slowly to see if that helps. If slowing down your speech doesn't help, you might need to have your dentures checked to ensure they aren't too big.

Prepare to Speak

With your natural teeth, you didn't have to put in any effort towards speaking. You simply thought about what you wanted to say and say it. With dentures, the opposite is true. Your dentures have to be secured in place when you speak; if not, your speech can sound distorted. You can prepare your dentures for speaking in one of two ways.

The easiest method is to wear a denture adhesive. Adhesives come in the form of a gel or a paste that you apply at the very top of your dentures to adhere them to your gums. Adhesives prevent your dentures from slipping and don't just keep them secure for speaking, but they also make eating with dentures easier. Another option is to always bite down and swallow just before you speak. Performing these steps helps realign your dentures before you speak to ensure they are in place.

Don't let your new dentures keep you from speaking. As with anything, practice makes perfect. Speak often while wearing your dentures so that you can get more comfortable and gain more confidence. Contact Village Green Dentures for more information.